Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stop before "Right on Red"

What was once called the "California slide" when only California had a "Right on Red" law rapidly expanded beyond state lines. "After a full stop" became a feeble effort at slowing down with a momentary tap on the brakes. "Stop" signs were next. What's not to understand about S-T-O-P? I was taught to stop at any intersection without a sign or light if approaching from a smaller road or a parking lot. Guess they don't teach that anymore.

It has gotten worse. The Washington, DC area has always had aggressive drivers, which I've always attributed to the power seekers it attracts and it's horrible commutes, but nonchalant drivers in our suburban neighborhoods? They obviously feel no guilt when mentally transforming a stop sign into a yield sign but don't they know how ill-mannered and ignorant they look? Did they forget we share the same houses, stores, schools, and workplaces?